KELLY SPINNER (KS) is designed and manufactured under Varco 6600 (Pneumatic Kelly Spinner) and 6800 (Hydraulic Kelly Spinner) designs, which is used for rotating drill pipe slowly, for limited rathole and mousehole drilling, and for making fast Kelly connections. This unit is completely reversible, the driller can spin out, as well as spin in, and when making connections, therefore, spinning chains are not required any more.

Kelly Spinner

Technical Specifications
Model FXD QF2 Q3
Max.Static Load  US Ton 250 250 250
Air Pressures  Mpa 0.5~0.9 0.5`0.9 0.5~0.9
psi 72~130 72~130 72~130
Rated Torque lb.ft 882 1180 1217
Braking Torque lb.ft 1100 1844 1844
Spinning Speed  rpm 76 72 72
Spinning Direction    Single Double Double
Conn.   6 5/8 Reg. LH 6 5/8 Reg LH 6 5/8 Reg. LH
Weight lb 884 992 1146
Overall Dimensions in 33*29*28 22*22*37 34*28*39

A6C Kelly Spinner

A6C Kelly SpinnerA6C Kelly Spinner is used to connect single pipe by matching with mouse hole clamping device and designed according to API 8A.


1. It unitizes air or hydraulic motor to drive kelly to rotate and features safe,  saving time and labor.
2. It is designed and manufactured according to API Spec 8A  "Specification For Drilling And Production Hoisting Equipment".  

Driven Mode Pnematic
Max. Static Load 2250kN
Operating Pressure 120 PSI
Air Consumption 300-330 SCFM
Brake Torque 1500N·m


130 RPM
Rotating Direction Double Direction
Air Consumption 18.6 m3/min
Stem Connection 6-5/8 REG LH
Weight 540kg
Overall Dimensions 760×760×1225

6600 Kelly Spinner


Driven Mode: Pneumatic
Max. Static Load: 2250kN
Work Pressure: 0.5~0.9MPa
Flow : 15 m3/min
Brake Torque: 1500N·m
Speed: 130rpm
Rotation: Double Directions
Connections: 6-5/8” API Reg L.H.  Box Up, Pin Down 
Weight: 500kg
Overall Dimensions: 740mm×710mm×978mm

6800 Kelly Spinner

6800 Kelly Spinner6800 Kelly Spinner is widely used for connecting single joint in drilling operation. It features reliable and efficient operation. Also, it can be used for fishing and for drilling mouse and rat hole.


Driven Mode: Hydraulic
Max. Static Load: 2250kN
Work Pressure: 16MPa
Flow : 91 L/min
Brake Torque: 1650N·m
Speed: 120rpm
Rotation: Double Directions
Connections: 6-5/8” API Reg L.H.  Box Up, Pin Down 
Weight: 504kg
Overall Dimensions: 740*710*978mm