Hinged Casing Spider

Casing SpiderVarco The Hinged Casing Spider (HCS) has a capacity of 500 tons and handles 9 5/8" to 20 inch casing. The HCS Hinged casing spider, without insert Bowls, will handle 18 5/8" and 20 inch casing. Three insert bowls are available, and alone or in combination, can handle the bushing's range of 9 5/8 to 16 inch diameter casing.

- Insert Bowl 6114 stacked w/6126 can handle 9 5/8 & 10 3/4 Inch OD Casing.
- Insert Bowl 6126 can handle 11 3/4 & 13 3/8 inch OD Casing
- Insert Bowl 6127 can handle 16 inch OD Casing.



Hinged Casing SpiderThe Bass-Ross 200 ton hinged casing spider will fit most casing handling opera­tions. It can be placed on the rotary table, mounted on a platform which replaces the rotary table, or supported by cribbing, depending upon the auxiliary equip­ments and procedure to be followed. Spider Bushing for handling casing 9"OD and larger are equipped with a spherical diameter tapered bore. All spiders bush­ing to handle 8 5/8" OD casing and smaller have a tapered bore dimensionally the same as the API Standard rotary master Bushing and will accommodate any standard rotary slip.

UC Casing Slips

Most casing strings weight and the relatively thin pipe wall make it important that the supporting slips provide full circumferential grip. The Baash-Ross type UC Slips achieves this with many narrow segments. They are hinged together to wrap around the casing and exert a more uniform pressure. With each seg­ment carrying the same load, they automatically center the casing string with­in the bushing or spider.

The UC-3 has a 3" Taper, with changes in the number of segments and liners, it will handle strings from 7" OD to 42"0D. Liners are in place by a liner  

Type UC-4 casing slips have a 4" taper

UC 3 Casing Slips   UC 4 Casing Slips

Cavins "Advance" Spider

Type C SpiderThe Cavins "Advance" Spider is available in five models. Model "B", "C", "CHD", "F", and "G". All are designed for manual, compressed air, or hydraulic operation with the exception of model "G" which is available for compressed air or hydraulically operation only.
All Cavins "Advance" Spiders may be used on a rotary table with an adapter plate that fits into the square drive or pin drive master bushing, centering the spider on the rotary table. Model "B", "C", and "CHD" spiders may be equipped with a Gate and slips which are relieved to pass parallel strings of tubing.
Model "F" offers manual, pneumatic (air) or hydraulic operation mechanisms. The Model "F" spider can handle tubular goods ranging in size from 2 3/8" OD thru 8 5/8" OD and is favored for automation in light drilling opera­tion or for heavy workover and production rigs. The load capacity for the Model "F" spider is 400,000 lbs.
Model "G" spiders for heavy Drilling Operation, up to 700,000 pounds (350 tons) hook load capacity, The Mod­el "G" spider will handle tubular goods ranging in size 2 3/8" thru 13 3/8" OD and is available for pneumatic (air) or hydraulic operation. Type "FCR" Full Circle slips with replaceable Type "FCI" inserts, are used for the complete range of sizes in the Model "G" spider. The long 16" gripping area plus 360 degree, 100% contact of the type "FCI" inserts, makes it the most positive pipe holding device of its kind.

CHD Spider