Coflex Hose


1. Applicable as connection part when drill platform, semi-submersible drilling vessel or drilling vessel moves relatively and for adjustment of the installation variance of the drilling rig. It can be used for delivery of oil, gas, mud and other high pressure media (including mainly relief line, BOP line and choke & kill line hose).

2. Conforms with API Spec 16C.

3. High pressure resistance, thermal insulation, anti-flaming, fire resistance and high abrasion resistance inner wall.


Coflex Hose StructureStructure Function:

Inner core: preventing bleeding out and resisting erosion. Adhesive texture layer: bonding the wireline together and eahancing the mechanical strength and ability of bearing high pressure.
Double cross wireline layer: resisting of axial load, distorsion stress druing movement and operation, high internal and external pressure.
Heat-insulation layer: prohibiting heat transmission and slowing down the temperature change.
Fire-resistance layer: preventing the hose from damage under the condition of high temperature and open-flame.
Buffering and sealing layer: prothcting the hose from inrushing and erosion of external fluids and buffering the shock of external force.
Stainless steel jacket: resisting abresion and prolonging the life of hose.
Exeutive standard: API spec. 16C NACE MR 0175-2003

Technical Specifications
ID mm(in) Rated work pressure MPa(psi) Test pressure MPa(psi) Min. burst pressure MPa(psi) Min. bend radius (mm)
50.80(2) 35.00(5000) 70.00(10000) 105.00(15000) 900
64.00(2-1/2) 1000
76.20(3) 1000
89.00(3-1/2) 1100
101.60(4) 1200
50.80(2) 70.00(10000) 105.00(15000) 157.50(22500) 1000
64.00(2-1/2) 1100
76.20(3) 1150
89.00(3-1/2) 1200
101.60(4) 1250
50.80(2) 105.00(15000) 157.50(22500) 236.25(33750) 1000
64.00(2-1/2) 1150
76.20(3) 1200
50.80(2) 138.00(20000) 207.00(30000) 310.00(45000) 900
64.00(2-1/2) 1100