Shear Pump


JQB series shearing pump applies axial suction stucture, consisting of motor,pump seat, pump shell, impeller,shearing impeller and other components. Vee belt and mechanical compound seal guaruantee no leakage. There is a stainless turbine inside(which composes entrance bucket, main impeller, nozzle,catch compartment)and a shearing plate.

JQB series shearing pump can mix and process the mud quickly, which can meet the requirements of making mud with high performance. With shearing pump, the mud mixing time can be reduced and the economic benefit of drilling can be improved.It is used to shear the polymer and clay in the drilling fluid, improving mud performance and decrease " fish eye" which will bring down the in-place permeability and hydrocarbon reservoir production.

Technical Specifications
Model JQB45 JQB35
Flow(m³/h,GPM) 120/528 100/440
Lift(m/ft) 45/147.6 35/114.8
Power(kW/HP) 55/73.2 45/59.9
Weight(kg/lb) 980/2156 800/1760
L×W×H(mm/in) 1150×1100×1500 45.3"×43.3"×59.1" 1150×1100×1250 45.3"×43.3"×49.2"