Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum DegasserZCQ vacuum degasser is a special-purpose device for the treatment of gas-cut drilling fluids.It can be applied to various mud purification systems to recover mud gravity, stabilize mud viscosity and reduce drilling cost. At the same time it can be used as a heavy-power agitator in gas free mud.


  • Water ring vacuum pump always remains isothermal state in operation and it is safe, reliable in inflammable and explosive gas suction.
  • Mud sprays onto the walls at a high speed and gas bubbles break completely with a satisfactory degassing efficiency.
  • Master motor is biased to form a lower whole set center.
  • Belt transmitting avoids reducer mechanism complexity.
  • Gas-liquid separator avoids  water/gas to be discharged simultaneously which makes gas outlet pipe always be smooth. At the same time, it can supply water for vaccum pump to save water consumption.
  • Suction pipe inserts into mud tank and can function as a heavy-power agitator in air.
Technical Specifications
Model Capacity
Main Motor
Vacuum Pump
Air Displace
Overall Size
ZCQ240-28 240/1056 15/20 2.2/2.9 28/123.2 1200/2640 1750×765×1510
ZCQ270-48 270/1188 22/29.3 2.2/2.9 48/211.2 1450/3190 1950×1010×1680
ZCQ 300-90 300/1320 30/39.9 4/5.3 90/396 1960/2112 2250×1235×1650
ZCQ360-180 360/1584 37/49.2 5.5/7.3 180/792 2500/5500


ZCQ360-360 360/1584 37/49.2 11/14.6 360/1584 2600/5720 2400×1500×1900