Float Valve


This Float Valve is normally installed in a standard bore-back of the bit sub, to provide fluid flow control at the bottom of the drill stem. It also prevents backflow of cuttings from plugging the drill bit jets while making connections.

When the flapper is held open by the built-in latch, the drill pipe fills from the bottom, This eliminates the mess and lost time of filling operations, Running in with the flapper open also reduces the potential of formation damage from pressure surges caused by the bit acting as a piston or ram as it is lowered into the hole. The flapper latch is automatically released by initial circulation of drilling fluid through the valve.

Technical Specifications
Type  Dia. of Valve Assembly Length of Valve Assembly Dia. of Float Recess Sub Box Other Popular connections
Conn. Depth Of Recess Conn. Depth Of Recess
1R 42.07 149.23 42.86 2-3/8Reg. 231.78 NC23 231.78
2F-3R 61.12 165.1 61.91 3-1/2Reg. 266.7 NC31 260.35
3-1/2F 79.375 254 80.17     NC38 361.95
4R 88.11 211.14 88.9 4-1/2Reg. 325.44 NC44 331.78
5R 98.425 247.65 99.22 5-1/2Reg 374.65 NC50 3687.3
5F-6R 121.44 298.45 122.24 6-5/8Reg. 431.8 5-1/2IF 431.8
5F-6R 121.44 298.45 122.24 7-5/8Reg. 438.1