Truck-mounted Fracturing Pump

2500 Truck-mounted Fracturing Pump

2500 Truck-mounted Fracturing Pump is equipped with 3000HP power engine and 2800HP 5-cylinder plunger pump, with max. working pressure up to 20000PSI. It mainly consists of chassis, deck engine, hydromechanical transmission, quintaplex plunger pump, manifolds, hydraulic/air system and network control system, etc,featuring by ultra high pressure, high power and continuous operation. It is suitable for various fracturing and acidizing operation in intermediate, deep and ultra deep wells.


  • High horsepower engine, chassis-driving fan cooling system, output hydraulic power can be up to 2500HP with some backup power.
  • Equipped with reinforced side beams. Good cross-country capability and mobility, suitable for oilfield road.
  • Equipped with network control system. The manual or automatic control over one unit or package can be realized.
  • Satellite communication technology for operation data transmission, thus real-time monitoring in other place can be realized.
  • Fitted with multiple automatic safety protection system for the safety of operation.

2500 Truck-mounted Fracturing Pump

Main Parameters
Model 2500
Max. working pressure 140 MPa(3-3/4''plunger)
123 MPa(4''plunger)
97 MPa(4-1/2''plunger)
Max. output displacement 2172 L/min(3-3/4''plunger)
2471 L/min(4''plunger)
3128 L/min(4-1/2''plunger)
Rated input power, pump 2800HP(2085kW )
Overall dimensions (LXWXH) 12500x 2500x4200(mm)
Total weight 45000kg